Essential Items to make the most of the Winter School at LUMS!

Essential Items to make the most of the Winter School at LUMS!

You've submitted your application, selected your courses, paid the fee, and are now gearing up to attend the Winter School at LUMS 2022!

October 31, 2022

You've submitted your application, paid the fee, and are now gearing up to attend the Winter School at LUMS 2022! 

While there's excitement in the air, it is also understandable if you're a little nervous about joining a new cohort, inhabiting a new space, and learning new skills, all at the same time. To make the transition from regular classes in school to highly engaging and interactive lessons in the Winter School at LUMS easier, we've compiled a list of essential items that you can bring to the LUMS campus to make the most of this winter: 

Documents & Stationery

Remember to keep your identification documents, including a picture ID, handy when you arrive at the LUMS campus. Apart from this, make sure you have your notebook/notepad, stationery, and a backpack or shoulder bag that you can carry comfortably around the campus for your classes. 

Once you receive the Winter School smartcards on Orientation Day, it is recommended that you get a lanyard or any other means through which you may carry the smartcard around with ease. These will help you access the various buildings and facilities on campus. Always make sure you have your smartcard with you!


Winters in Lahore tend to get chilly, especially if you're waking up early and rushing to class in the morning. To make sure you stay healthy and well throughout the Winter School, bring lots of warm clothing with you. Pick your favourite jackets and coats, sweaters, and boots or closed-toe shoes that you can walk around comfortably in. A shawl or beanie could accentuate your style and keep you warm at the same time -- make the most of each article of clothing to stay trendy and sustainable!

Keep in mind that the campus spans over 100 acres and that you might have classes in separate buildings all across the campus, so make sure you're ready to get places comfortably.


While you take classes at the Winter School at LUMS, you will be researching, writing, and making notes around the clock. Bringing your own device, whether it's a laptop, an iPad, a smartphone, or anything else you prefer, can really boost your learning. It can save you a lot of time, and be easier to carry than scraps of paper and a pen, so assess what works better for you and show up to grow and learn in an intellectually stimulating environment. 

Other Essentials

You might find yourself sitting in one of the lawns, under a tree, during your lunch break, wondering what you could possibly do with this time. We encourage you to bring your confidence, your best smile, and the friendliest attitude you've got to make new friends, network with students and teachers, and make the most of your experience at the Winter School at LUMS. 

Additionally, you may bring a reading book to keep you company during shorter breaks, or an umbrella in case it rains, or a card/board game to help you make friends.

Remember that nothing is quite as essential as an open mind and a willingness to learn. With those two by your side, you're sure to reach new heights! 

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